Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Review

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

By Rick Riordan

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I love my Greek mythology, so I was bound to enjoy this book. I’m not proud to say that I watched the movie before I read the book, but when the movie came out I was like ‘Awesome! A movie about Demigods, cool’ not realising that there was a book. So I eventually got the series and here we are now.

I enjoyed this book; there could have been more to it, but given that it is aimed to a younger audience it was quite good. The plot and characters were interesting and the fact the it was follows a boy who is “troubled” but thinks nothing much of it, until he finds out that he is a demigod. It was good because you weren’t thrown into an already existing world; you learnt about it at the same pace as the main character.

Due to me having seen the movie first (oops) whenever I picture Percy I see an eighteen year old boy, not a twelve year old and when I picture Annabeth I see a brunette with blue eyes, opposed to her blonde hair and grey eyes. Not that the physical description of the characters is their most important trait, but still…


Percy handles losing his mother, discovering that there as such things as monsters and the fact that he is the son of a Greek god pretty well for a twelve year old boy. This goes to show just how strong he is and what he is prepared to of for the ones he loves (go to the underworld).

Annabeth, whilst comes off cold sometimes, is very caring and despite having to supposedly hate Percy, befriends him and would risk her soul to save him.

Grover, I love the little green bean. Despite all that Grover has been through, he stays true to his mission (getting his searchers license) and his friends, no matter how scared he may get. Grover although having the body of a 12 year old boy, kinda, is a twenty eight year old Satyr, who wants to dedicate his life searching for Pan, the God of Wild Places, although no-one has been successful in two thousand years.

I was almost disappointed when there was no Hydra in the book, but a Chimera made an appearance which definitely made up for it. In the book Percy, Annabeth and Grover find themselves battling monsters because the monsters are attracted to the demigods, opposed to in the movie where they go looking for the monsters; the role of the Nereid that appears to Percy seemed quite significant in the book, but she didn’t make an appearance in the movie. The betrayal by Luke in the book isn’t until the last couple of pages where Luke seems to do a complete 180 and tries to kill Percy out of nowhere.

All in all the book was quite enjoyable, the characters have personality and wit, the book whilst written simply was a good read and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read a fun mythological adventure.

Minnie ♥


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