The DUFF Review

The DUFF (The Designated Ugly Fat Friend) By Kody Keplinger

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Hmm, what to say… I’m really looking forward to the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed The DUFF, the premise of which the book is based on, not so much, but Kody Keplinger did an awesome job with this book. The DUFF told a really compelling story about Bianca, a 17 year old high school student, whose life is seemingly falling apart. It does not take Bianca long to realise that Wesley Rush, the popular jock, is the perfect escape.

I can’t say that I related to Bianca as much as I thought I would, but I did find myself relating to her in some ways. Bianca is funny, sarcastic and not afraid to stand up for herself.

Wesley Rush… Wesley changes a lot as a person throughout the novel. I did not find him as repulsive as Bianca did, then again I don’t think that I was supposed to. Whilst he was annoying and completely insensitive at times, he wash;t such a bad guy the more we got to know him and the more he got to know Bianca.

Although I did enjoy this book, it only got 3 hearts because whilst the characters were funny I did not relate to them as much as I have with other characters. I will definitely read other books by Kody Keplinger, as it was written well. I won’t say don’t read it, because I did enjoy it, so read it if you would like. From what I can tell from the trailer of the movie, I think the story line is going to be quite different to the book’s, but I don’t know maybe they left out all of the major things of the book.

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