My name is Minnie and here are a couple of things about me.  I regularly watch YouTubers. My favourites are; Jack & Finn, Tyler, Troye and Zoe. So its safe to say the Britain has the best YouTubers, with the exception of Troye, who is a wondrous Aussie!

I enjoy watching The Vampire Diaries (I ship Delena and Klaroline, and I would be interested in seeing Rebekah and Jeremy together, I think that they would make an awesome couple). I used to watch Chuck, but sadly the series ended, leaving me with hardly anything to watch for the time being, as I adored Chuck and Morgan, AKA the Little Bearded Man. I am also a huge  fan of Supernatural, but don’t make me choose between Dean and Cas.

As well as loving TV and YouTube I’m a huge book lover and an avid reader. My favourite series is Shadow Falls written by C C Hunter and I can’t believe it is over 😥 and my favourite trilogy is The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare – ❤ u Will


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