Lola and the Boy Next Door Review

Lola and the Boy Next Door

By Stephanie Perkins

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The FEELS! Oh My Gosh. I don’t know what else to say, this book… it was perfection. If you’ve seen my review for Anna and the French Kiss you know how much I loved that book and Lola is just as great as Anna and honestly at the moment there is no way that I can pick a favourite. I would however like to retract my previous comment about not crying a lot; I couldn’t stop, it didn’t matter if they were driving from work home, I was teary, either from happiness or sadness, it doesn’t really matter. Stephanie Perkins I think you broke me.

I related to Lola more than any other character so far, except I don’t have a Cricket, not yet at least. Lola was fun, enthusiastic, original and had so much self confidence, which are all things that I admire in female characters – who wants to read about a dull, boring girl who lets everybody walk all over her… OK, so I might be inclined if it’s a story about her growing as a person, or if it’s got other great characters, but that’s not the point – I love Lola’s idea of never wearing the same thing twice, always being different and a stand out.

Cricket …swoon… was so cute and amazing. I really liked Cricket Bell and there were very few times when I did not like him. He clearly cared for Lola and he never did anything to really try and hurt Lola. There’s not too much I can say without spoiling anything, so for more of my opinion of Cricket you’ll have to continue into the spoiler section.

As previously stated I can’t say that I did not enjoy one part of this book, I loved it! What I am going to say is that if you have not yet read this book what are you doing? And if it is on your shelf but you have not read, go, pick it up, open it, and fall into Lola and Cricket’s world, you’ll love it I promise.

Minnie ♥

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Anna and the French Kiss Review

Anna and the French Kiss

By Stephanie Perkins

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So I finally read Anna and the French Kiss and I understand why everybody seems to love it. This is quite possibly the cutest and most adorable book that I have ever read. Stephanie Perkins you are amazing! I loved reading about Anna and St. Clair and how their relationship evolved over the book. I’m not an overly emotional person and don’t cry too much, but this book had me.

I really like the character of Anna, she was funny, sarcastic, and if she was real or if I knew her personally I think that we would be really good friends. Etienne St. Clair. What is not to like about him other than his girlfriend? He is funny, sweet, caring and all up an amazing guy.

If you have not yet read this book, or even if you have I would definitely recommend this book. It is a cute YA contemporary romance that will have you laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time.

Minnie ♥

Below are some of my thoughts, although they do contain spoilers, so if you haven’t yet read this book and don’t want to be spoiled come back after.


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