Fallen Review


By Lauren Kate

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


I’ve read Lauren Kate’s Fallen several times and loved it each and every time I’ve read it. The characters are easy to love and the storyline is hooking. Each character is unique and has their own identifiable trait, whether that be their spunky personality, or their reputation. The story is well paced and there wasn’t a single moment in the book where I was bored or uninterested.

Fallen angels and the like have been in the spotlight of YA fiction for years, and coming up with an original storyline can be quite difficult, but Lauren Kate has done a great job with her story.

The cover of Fallen is very pretty and relates to the book really well without being horribly boring. The girl in the secluded forest alone and in an older fashioned corset dress, represents Luce (main character) in many ways.

The final book in the Fallen series has been released along with a novella, Fallen in Love. If you haven’t read this book yet I would definitely recommend it and if you have let me know your thoughts on the book.

Love Minnie ♥