Of Poseidon Review

Of Poseidon

By Anna Banks

❤ ❤ ❤


This is the first mermaid book that I have read in a long time and I really enjoyed it. The story is very fun, interesting and easy to read, as soon as I started reading Of Poseidon I was hooked. This book got me out of a bad book slump, which I am grateful for.

The characters are easy going, with the exception of Rayna who is very ambitious. Galen is the mysterious hottie, Emma the not so normal teenage girl and Toraf who stirs up trouble. Toraf would have to be my favourite character so far, but Galen is a close second.

Lets talk book covers. The cover depicts a girl underwater heading for the surface and the white dress she is wearing reveals that she has human legs, suggesting that she is not a mermaid. The cover is almost grayscale, which can be a bit boring, but the pink in the title brings out the blue a little bit. It relates to the story, but the cover art could have been brighter.

I only gave this book 3 hearts because whilst I enjoyed it, if I had read this when I wasn’t in a book slump I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much; although that’s just because compared to the other books I read the storyline is a lot less complex.

All up I liked this book, it doesn’t quite make my favourites but it definitely isn’t at the bottom of that list. If you are having trouble finding a book that you can just sit down and read I recommend try reading Of Poseidon, it worked for me and hopefully it will for you 🙂

Minnie ♥